Posted on 04-Jun-2019

Cartoons and Caricatures by Luke Warm

Was there anything special about the last conference you attended? Was it fun? Was it memorable?

Luke Warm can create pertinent, funny Conference Cartoons on the spot during your workshops, lectures and plenary sessions, and then immediately scan and upload them to the venue’s display system. So by the first coffee break there should be a slideshow of 2-3 cartoons on rotation, 6-7 by lunchtime, and 12-15 by the end of the day.

As well as loosening up and entertaining delegates they promote further discussion and can also be Tweeted out immediately. After the event they can be used by both you and the delegates to illustrate the proceedings and reports of the event at no further charge.

Also after the event higher quality redraws can be provided, often given as gifts to guest speakers or for use in PowerPoint presentations, websites, books and other publications.

Workshops, seminars, trade shows and exhibitions can also all be enlivened by entertaining, thought provoking Conference Cartoons.
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